Monday, March 28, 2011

Everyday Life in La Paz, Mexico

George and I are settling into a pretty quiet routine here in La Paz.

Nereid is anchored near The Magote -- a strip of land extending half-way around the main harbor of La Paz. We have a 5-minute dinghy ride (with outboard motor) to and from the dock at Marina La Paz. George drops me ashore each morning, and I walk to town, glad for the exercise and the time it gives me to listen to "Coffee Break Spanish."

Today, I helped a couple of expatriates from Skagit find their way to a coffee shop with computers and printers, so they could complete their FM-3 visa application process. It's good to have some local knowledge. It always feels good to be able to contribute.

Typically, George spends the day aboard Nereid, where he can use the generator and our cellular modem to write articles on Wagner and reach out to more people interested in his work. I spend the day at coffee shops, plugging into shore electrical and getting a little exposure to local people, in between working on various manuscripts and applying for jobs. Around 5pm I walk back to the dinghy dock, and we have a nice ride back to the anchorage.

The anchorage is pretty quiet, with a few dozen boats spread throughout and dolphins regularly passing through. The daily temperatures on land are in the mid- to high-80's, but the boat is a good 5-10 degrees cooler thanks to the breeze. Nothing special to report - just a day in the life.