Monday, October 19, 2009

Redondo Beach - The Cats Come Full Circle

We are anchored in Redondo Beach, CA. This is where I adopted Mimi and Wolfgang nearly 20 years ago, and I think they remember it: for the first time, Mimi came out and spent time on the foredeck, sniffing the air and listening to the sealife.

We've had wind on the nose most of the way down the southern coast from the Channel Islands. Poor weather for sailing, but the dolphins have been out en masse and we have no complaints. There's a record-breaking hurricane headed for Baja, and that may have a domino effect on our plans but if all goes well we'll head for Catalina on Wednesday, stay there several nights and then sail on to San Diego. When we go into Mexico, we're taking hurricane relief packages with us. If you'd like to participate, contact us on e-mail ( and let us know what you're going to send, then we'll arrange a pick up spot. People need non-perishable items, winter clothing and medical supplies. (Children's clothes are always welcome!) If you want to help but prefer to send cash, please do so through the Mexican Red Cross. (I'll get that address up here a.s.a.p. too.) There are a lot of people in Baja still reeling from the storm that hit a month ago, and this one is reported to have winds over 150mph - the second highest on record. There's sure to be a lot of human need.

We're safe. Love to all of you - Celeste & George