Monday, July 20, 2009

5,000 Words

Elana at the Wheel:

Ava takes the Helm:

Lt. Sea Cat:

Sunset at Anderson Island:

Happy Captain:

We Love to Go A'Wandering

"Easier said than done," is a phrase that must have entered the English vocabulary at a very early date. It's certainly been with us for awhile!

We spent June in Seattle, back at Shilshole, and had time to catch up with visiting some of our great neighbors, family members and friends. Shout out to Aunt Genny, who is 81 and still game to out for a chick flick with her nieces. We stayed in Seattle until June 30, so we could join Dawn and Aubrianna for a joint birthday celebration at the zoo then set out for a rendezvous with the captain and crew of Nomadness. Did we sail? Why, yes we did!

One night at Honeymoon Cove then several nights with our new friends, moored off Hope Island - where the fireworks display seems to be one of the best kept secrets around. After a weekend with Steve and Sky I was feeling very "ordinary." I'll have to do something unusual one of these days ...

Just after we passed through Deception Pass for the first time aboard Nereid, a pod of Orca appeared. One or two juveniles jumped clear out of the water! We couldn't catch it on film, but we did get to see the fins and hear them chatting it up.

Looking back over the past 8-10 weeks, it's been mostly about friends, family and fresh air: the stuff that makes you want to live longer. George and I agree that we must be getting more fit ... we're just too tired to feel it yet.

We had a chance to spend an afternoon in Friday Harbor hanging with Dave and Tanya, then a week at Anderson Island with The Graffs and The Beans. Love our family! (Family makes rain in a campground endurable.) Caught plenty o'crab.

Somewhere along the way we (or I should say, George) solved the starting battery issues. Turns out we're wired European-style. Maybe it's a sign. Between then and now we also fixed a leak and George got the first solar panel installed. We're getting ship shape, an amorphous state of being of course.

In Poulsbo, focusing on work. 2-3 weeks and then who knows where the wind will blow us to ... but not knowing is half the fun.