Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rolling into 2010

Yesterday morning the sun revealed golden and grey tones, light and shadow against the clouds. Last night a blue moon shone on the water, the sun's light taking one last hop and making the water the moon's mirror. In between, the clouds drizzled and drenched. And for a finale, the water put us on its pendulum and rocked us stern to bow, east to west, with such fervor that none of us slept. This is the transition. It's going to be an interesting year.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays 2009!

We are in a coffee shop at Avalon, sitting out the first rain we've seen since arriving several weeks ago. This reminds me of Seattle; sitting near the window with a latte, glad to be indoors. The weather is forecast to return to 70's and sunny for New Year's Eve and N.Y. Day, so that will take us back outdoors to complete the wooden dinghy we're building. It's been a fun project, and we've entertained a lot of people as we work in our small space, loaned to us by Bob, a generous island resident whom we moored next to when we first arrived.

Once we launch the new dinghy, we'll set sail (wind permitting) for Dana Point and San Diego, where we'll stop for as long as it takes to decide our next best course. Since insurance requires us to be north of 27 degrees by June 1, we may actually decide to stay in San Diego through the end of the coming hurricane season (Nov 1, 2010.) That would make sense if we could find jobs that would cover the expenses. Another option is to head to La Paz and then further south (towards Chile) for the storm season. Our friends Bill and Tracey may be going that way, and we'd love to go with them. Another option would be to go through the Panama Canal and up the eastern seaboard. And another may be to head for Hawaii in March, although we have to check the weather windows for that. All these would allow us to circumnavigate the hurricane zones, and each has its own set of costs and promises of adventure.

We're about to be kicked out and offline, due to closing time here. Hope to post again soon!