Friday, August 6, 2010

Becoming Professional Vagabonds

We haven't posted because we haven't had much in the way of maritime news, but now we have something to say! We will be taking Nereid to Ensenada next month, where she will reside while George and I go to Guadalajara for a month of teacher training. Groucho Marx said, "The difference between a bum and a vagabond is that a vagabond will work when he has to." Call us vagabonds, friends. By the end of October we will both be certified to teach English in language schools, and by January we should be working somewhere on the Mexican Riviera. More details will be posted here as they reveal themselves in ways worthy of note.

In other news that didn't make the maritime blog, George had rotator cuff surgery (left shoulder) on July 20. We were blessed (best word I can find) to find two good health care providers: a surgeon AND a physical therapist, both of whom we trust and like. George is, as the doctor said, a very young sixty-eight, and recovering his range of motion at a pace that the physical therapist finds impressive. Meanwhile, he's been studying Spanish 4-6 hours per day and continuing the research for his upcoming book on Mozart.

Life is good.