Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 31, 2009

We are in California, though Nereid did not make this trip. We helped our friend Renee move to Ashland (an adventure in itself) and then rented a car to scout SF Bay Area locations. We think we have found our spot for the winter in Sausalito - at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. (Thank you to our Shilshole neighbors Rich and Linda for pointing us in this direction!) If all goes well, we plan to sail down the Washington and Oregon coasts before August 15th and spend September '09 through April 2010 anchored there. The film posted here was taken today at Point Arena lighthouse, on the northern California Coast. Those are pelicans flying in formation, playing on the wind. Of course, the drive up Highway 1 was beautiful: wildflowers and wild life. (We stopped to let a deer and her two wobbly-legged fawns cross the highway.) Tonight we're lodging near the Redwoods and by Tuesday we'll be back home with Wolfe and Mimi. (Thank you Lilli & Barbara, for taking such good care of them while we're away!)

We did get some good sailing time in over Memorial Day weekend, spending a full day out on Admiralty Inlet as we made our way to Hood Canal. We anchored near the home of our friend Kyra Petrovskaya Wayne, and George and Ron (Kyra's son) got out for a sunset sail as well. (We hope to post pictures soon!)

Our anchoring has been going well lately. The current and wind in Hood Canal were a good test - not only for the anchor but for our rowing abilities in the dinghy! (Think current and wind forces opposing each other, while we pull for Nereid.)